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Loughborough Masterplan: Opportunity sites

The masterplan identifies six sites for potential development and various options have been looked at. A preferred option has been indicated.

Some of these sites were included in the 2007 masterplan but have not come forward. Often they are dependent on private sector investment.

The six opportunity sites and preferred options are:

Baxter Gate

  • ground floor retail space together with a health centre to replace the one on the existing site
  • student housing and residential apartments on the upper floors
  • two-storey town centre car park

Aumberry Gap

  • Residential apartments with town houses along Pinfold Gate. The development could vary in height from three to five storeys 

Devonshire Square

  • Refurbishment of the Devonshire Square block with the addition of three storeys of accommodation above, such as an apartment hotel

Granby Street car park

  • Southern part of the car park could be developed with a three-storey residential apartment block overlooking Queen’s Park
  • The middle section of the car park could be redeveloped for town houses and a new pedestrian route created from Devonshire Lane to Queen’s Park
  • A key issue would be the loss of parking spaces which would have to be provided elsewhere

Southfield Road extension car park

  • Residential block of up to five storeys subject to the provision of public parking elsewhere in the town centre

Sainsbury’s store in Ashby Road

  • During this study, Sainsbury’s has confirmed it has no immediate plans to redevelop or relocate its store. However, the study recognises the site as an important arrival point into the town on the gateways to both Derby Road and Ashby Square and so cannot be ignored. The masterplan says the area would benefit from a remodelling of the store entrance, could accommodate a block of student housing and an arts/lighting installation could improve the look of the Ashby Road façade.
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