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We've issued an updated statement following the incident in Birstall on Monday. If anyone has any housing issues following the incident, please contact Housing Needs on 01509 634567.

Making changes after permission has been granted

If you want to make any changes to plans that have already been, approved you should contact us with the details before starting work, as any amendment to a permitted scheme needs our consent.

Minor changes (non material) can be made without our consent but:

  • must be very small and
  • must not change your permission in any significant way.

You will need to submit an 'application for a non-material amendment to a planning permission' form for us to consider whether the changes are minor and not material, to the decision previously taken. We aim to make a decision within 28 days. 

If you wish to make more significant changes you will have to apply for further planning application.

Condition removal/variation

If your planning permission was granted with conditions and you want to vary or remove a condition attached to it you can submit a 'Removal or Variation of conditions' application.

This can be submitted in respect of any condition, other than the time limit conditions imposed on the commencement of the development, or submission of reserved matters on an outline permission.

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