Frequently asked questions about Member Grants can be found below.

If you query is not answered below, please contact the Grants team on 01509 634730 or email

What if the Councillor wants to use the money towards improvements in their Ward/s and they initiate the spend rather than the public. Can they approach groups to apply for funding?

A Councillor may approach groups to apply for funding, however the application must come from a fully constituted Voluntary Community Sector organisation.

If a Councillor doesn’t spend their full £500, will any underspend be rolled-over to the next financial year.

No, there will be no roll-over for these grants. Any underspend will go back into the Council’s reserves.

The Guidance notes do not mention if Strategic Partners are eligible to apply for Member grants?

It is not mentioned in the guidance notes, however, Strategic Partners will already know that they cannot apply for Community grants, only Community Facilities grants. The answer is therefore generally a ‘no’. However, if a Strategic Partner wanted funding towards a completely new project or area of work that is not covered by their Strategic Partner grant, an application could be considered.

If an applicant applies for funding to more than one Councillor for a project/activity, can one Member Grant Decision Form be submitted on behalf of all Councillors to the Grants Team?

No, each Councillor will have to complete their own Member Grant Decision Form, in order to authorise the release of funds from their individual Member Grant cost code.

What is a ‘not for private profit’ organisation?

A ‘not for private profit’ organisation will invest any profits they make back into the organisation to help it operate and achieve its aims and objectives. The organisation may be an unincorporated association like a residents group, a registered charity or a social enterprise.

What happens if I am away on holiday and cannot complete the Member Decision Form within the 10 day deadline?

A grant payment cannot be made until the Member Decision Form has been received by the Grants Team. Therefore, when approached for funding, Councillors should let organisations know if they would be unable to assess an application in time for a planned event or activity, or if there will be a delay. An extension to the 10- day deadline for Councillors could also be considered.

Some groups cannot access information online or complete applications on the computer? What is the alternative?

Hard copies of the application form, guidance notes and grants terms and conditions can be provided on request. Contact the Grants Team if you are aware of any organisation that would like these posted out. Alternatively, Councillors are welcome to print the forms off from the CBC website and pass on to groups.

Do organisations need to provide match funding?

No, this is not necessary for this grants scheme.

Does the organisation need to be based in the ward of the Councillor being approached for funding?

No. However, organisations would need to deliver projects/activities which benefit the residents living in the ward of the Councillor being approached for funding, and would need to demonstrate this in their application form.

Will you need bank statements from newly formed organisations?

No. However, newly formed organisations would need to provide evidence that a bank account has been opened in the name of the organisation, e.g. a letter from the bank which confirms a new account has been opened.

What happens if there is a conflict between Councillors when projects cross over wards, or if there is disagreement over how much each Councillor will fund towards a project, if more than one Councillor has been approached for funding for the same project?

Councillors should resolve any conflicts between themselves. We would recommend Councillors discuss the project and those that wish to support the project should agree how much they want to fund. Each Councillor should then return a completed Member Decision form to the Grants Team.

Can a Church apply for a summer play scheme? What if a project is just for their congregation?

Yes, faith based organisations can apply for projects which are inclusive and do not restrict who can participate. Therefore, a summer playscheme accessible to all children in a Ward, and not just those who attend the church, would be eligible for a Member grant. A project which is exclusively for a congregation would not be eligible for a Member grant.

A group approached four Councillors for funding. Two Councillors have now backed out. What do we do if the organisation cannot run the project because they do not have all the funding?

The Member Grant application form asks applicants to state how they would cover the shortfall if they were not awarded the full amount being requested. This should be taken into consideration, and Councillors may also wish to speak directly to the organisation for further information.

The remaining Councillors can decide to increase the amount they approve for the project, or may wish to decline the application if it is likely that the organisation will be unable to raise the rest of the funding in time.

Councillors are reminded that they should not promise to fund any projects until the application has been received in full.

Can we tell groups how much we are willing to fund them and ask them to think of a project?

The projects should be developed based on the needs of the local area or demand for a service. Councillors should not promise any funding to organisations before an application outlining an eligible project has been received.

Would a group have the Member grant paid to them even if they have not raised all the funding they need from their project? Would they need to return the funding if they could not source the rest of the money needed?

In most cases the full amount of the grant will be paid to organisations.

A grant would need to be returned if the money has not been spent within 12 months of receiving the offer letter. Councillor approval would be needed if an organisation wished to make any changes to the project or would like to use the grant for another project.

Last updated: Fri 26th May, 2023 @ 11:27