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NHS COVID-19 app and QR codes

Covid-19: We are currently under national restrictions. Please stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

The Government has published its roadmap out of the current lockdown which is available at

The NHS COVID-19 app launched across England and Wales on Thursday 24 September.

The government has urged businesses including pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas to ensure they have NHS QR code posters visible on entry so customers who have downloaded the app can use their smartphones to easily check-in. 

The QR codes can be downloaded via the website to display as posters in premises. QR codes will help businesses meet the new legal requirement to record the contact details of customers, visitors and staff on their premises.

With coronavirus cases rising in the UK in the last few weeks it is essential businesses capitalise on the benefits QR codes can bring to protect themselves and their customers.

Businesses who are already using their own QR system are being encouraged to switch to the NHS Test and Trace QR code. An alternative check-in method must be maintained to collect the contact details of those who don’t have the app, for example a handwritten register.

There is a fixed penalty for businesses not using the QR system of £1000, or £500 if paid within 14 days. Repeat offences up to £4000 and ultimately could lead to prosecution.

Businesses are advised to refuse entry to anyone who does not provide details requested.

When someone enters a venue and scans an official QR poster, the venue information will be logged on the user’s phone. This information will stay on a user’s phone for 21 days and if during that time a coronavirus outbreak is identified at a location, the venue ID in question will be sent to all devices. The device will check if users have been at that location and if the app finds a match, users may get an alert with advice on what to do based on the level of risk.

The QR system is a free, easy and privacy preserving way to check-in customers to venues, and we encourage all businesses to get involved and download and display the official NHS QR code posters.

Businesses should download the QR codes at

For more information on the NHS COVID-19 app, visit

Please note: Premises must also offer an alternative system, such as a handwritten register, for anyone who doesn't have a smartphone.

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Last updated: Thu 25th February, 2021 @ 14:01