As part of the current Covid 19 operations, Charnwood Borough Council will keep physical meetings to a minimum and repairs will be carried out only where Government guidelines permit it.

Prior to a visit you will be contacted to check on your current Covid status.

What to expect

  • On arrival the officer will knock on the door and stand 2m back, show identification and confirm your Covid status. If your Covid status has changed we will need to reassess the visit, potentially to reschedule and return on a later date.
  • All officers are requested to wear a face covering for your safety. The Council would appreciate if you could wear a face covering whilst in the same room as our officers.
  • The officer will ask you to ventilate the areas where work will take place or where you will sit to talk through aspects of the work or about other information relevant to the officer calling.

What are we doing

  • You will always be asked to maintain the 2m social distancing rule. If it is a repair, you and any other persons in the household (including family, children and visitors) will be asked to stay in another room while works are carried out.
  • The visits will be kept to as short a period as possible, this is to increase your safety while reducing risk of Covid contamination.
  • We ask you to make any pets that are free to move around secure for their safety and your peace of mind.
  • Where paperwork needs to be signed, the officer will use a safe method to reduce risk.
  • If an officer is required to return to continue works, they will repeat the procedure. This is for your safety and that of the officer.
  • If you cannot comply with the guidance at any time, the officer reserves the right to leave.
  • Where works are to take place, we will (if required) clean the working zone before and after the work is complete.
  • Where CBC have contractors on site, they will be following government guidelines relating to Covid and construction regulations.
  • They will be considerate and always wear appropriate PPE.
  • They will wash hands regularly and have hand gels.
  • They will follow the social distancing 2m rule, though they are not legally obliged to wear face coverings, however where they are with a tenant, they will wear one.
  • When working in public access areas they will redirect pedestrians, where this is not possible, they will move aside to allow the public 2m to pass where required and wear a face covering.

Food and drink

Given the potential to unknowingly cross contaminate Covid 19 by contact with others we can not accept the offer of any food or drink, even if its wrapped. Though we always appreciate the offer.

Downloadable version

A downloadable version of the information above can be found in the document below:

Last updated: Fri 26th August, 2022 @ 13:30