Charnwood Borough Council will be introducing two private sector housing licensing schemes.

  • Additional Licensing scheme
  • Selective Licensing scheme

The Council recently consulted on the proposed conditions of these licenses. The consultation is now closed and more information can be found on the individual licence scheme web pages.

The Council has submitted an application to the Secretary of State for the selective licensing scheme. There is no specific timescale for the application to be considered.

The Council wants to implement both schemes at the same time and once we have a response from the secretary of state and a confirmed start date, the Council will issue a public notice.

If you would like to register for our landlords newsletter and for further updates on the scheme please register here.

What is additional licensing?

The Council is introducing a borough-wide additional licensing scheme for all houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). It will cover all HMOs, irrespective of the number of stories that are occupied by three or four unrelated persons and all Section 257 HMOs (buildings converted into self-contained flats) where the building is wholly occupied by tenants.

For more information about Additional Licensing please visit the Additional Licensing webpage 

To find out more about the proposed licence conditions for the additional licensing scheme please visit the proposed licence conditions for Additional Licensing scheme consultation page.

What is selective licensing?

The Council is proposing to introduce a selective licensing scheme in the Hastings and Lemyngton Wards to improve property conditions, management standards and to improve the quality of our neighbourhoods and to support safe, inclusive and cohesive communities.

For more information about Selective Licensing please visit the Selective Licensing webpage 

To find out more about the proposed licence conditions for the additional licensing scheme please visit the proposed licence conditions for Selective Licensing scheme consultation page.

Last updated: Wed 17th March, 2021 @ 17:30