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Public Register of Licenses

Welcome to the Charnwood Borough Council Public Registers page, where up to date Licensing information can be accessed at any time and place. This register allows you to access licensing information at a time that is convenient to you, which may be late at night or over weekends and not necessarily during normal office hours.

If you have any queries regarding the use of this public register service or would like any help then you can contact the Licensing Team on 01509 634562, or via email at

How to use the Public Register of Licenses

Access to the public register does not require you to log in and can be achieved by using the interactive links below.

The relevant prefixes will already be entered, so once you know which register you would like to use you will just need to enter the licence number if known. Alternatively you can use the other search functions available, for example: applicant surname, vehicle make, premises name etc.

Licensing Public Register: General search - use this to search the gambling register, club register, premise register, personal register, temporary event register, private hire drver register and hackney cariage driver register.

Taxi Licence Register - use this to search for private hire vehicles and hackney carriage vehicles. 

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