Please note: The pest control service is currently only able to accept new internal rat and mice service requests. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

If you are experiencing any other pest control problems then you are advised to obtain the services of a private pest control contractor.

Further information can be found at The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and we have provided some helpful advice below:

Remove all food and water supplies:

  • Store all waste products, in particular food waste, in lidded containers.
  • Store all animal food in rodent proof containers.
  • Don’t leave food on the ground for birds and be aware that using high level bird tables / feeders will not prevent an infestation occurring as these can still be accessed by rodents and spillages from the feeders will result in food at ground level. We would advise that if you have an infestation you should completely stop feeding the birds and if you wish to start feeding again do so in small quantities only when the infestation has been cleared. 
  • Do not leave food and water out for pets unattended.
  • Immediately clear away any spillages of food such as bird / rabbit food.
  • Immediately clear away any animal faeces / droppings. These act as a food source for rats.

Removal of shelter:

  • Keep vegetation such as bushes and grass trim to reduce possible areas for harbourage.
  • Do not store old furniture such as beds and carpets in the garden as these provide ideal harbourage.
  • Do not compost garden or other waste on your garden. Always use a compost bin.  Consider its location and its base especially once it has been emptied.
  • Secure heavy gauge wire mesh, with gaps no larger than 10mm, to the base of compost bins to prevent rats gaining access into the bins from below and make sure lids on compost bins are tightly fitted at all times.
  • Prevent harbourage beneath decking by sealing any gaps which would allow rodents access beneath them and, where possible, erect the decking on hard standing.
  • Repair any holes in buildings, such as garden sheds, to prevent access to rodents and make sure doors are a good fit with no gaps.
  • Keep gardens tidy by removing any items not in use such as disused hutches and cages.
  • Remove over hanging branches from trees touching the roof to prevent rats/mice getting into the loft space.

Last updated: Wed 30th March, 2022 @ 15:39