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In order to lessen our impact on the environment, save taxpayers money and minimise the amount of clothes and textiles being incinerated, we have launched a brand new campaign encouraging residents to #RecycleRight.

But though the main focus of our campaign will be on clothing and textiles, we would also like educate our residents of exactly what they can, or cannot, put into their recycling bins. Check out the links below for more information.

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Clothing and textiles

Here in Charnwood over 700 tonnes of textiles and clothing ends up in the green recycling bins of well-meaning residents, each year. But here's the thing – we can’t recycle them.

Instead the clothes, bedding, towels, and even cuddly toys are incinerated to create energy, a process which is costing Charnwood council tax payers £73,000 a year.

What can I do? 

Most people put clothes and textiles into their green recycling bins because they believe that this means they will be recycled, and therefore have a positive impact on the environment. But in fact the truth is very different. Recycling Bin Image

You can help by: 

  • Taking your clothes to a local charity shop if you think they can be used by someone else. Your old clothes and textiles could help raise money for causes you believe in, including: LOROS, Barnardos, Mind, Age UK, Rainbows and PDSA.

  • Selling old clothes and textiles online or at a bootfair, or trying your hand at upcycling them into something new.
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