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Refuse and recycling collection guidelines

When it comes to the weekly refuse and recycling collections, there are a few reasons why we may not empty your bin.

These are because:

  • It is over-filled
  • It contains inappropriate materials
  • It is placed out for collection on a non-scheduled day
  • It is not placed out for collection on the scheduled day or was not placed out for collection by 7am

We will only collect refuse which is placed in the black wheeled bin – any side or excess waste will not be collected regardless of whether it is in Charnwood black sacks.

Excess bags on the street may incur an £60 fixed penalty notice for incorrect use of a waste receptacle.

Recycling collections

Please make use of the recycling services to minimise your waste. We can take side recycling provided it is placed in a clear sack and presented next to your green bin on collection day.

Recycling bags containing items that are not listed on the front, will not be collected. We will write to people who place incorrect items in bags and leave them on the street.

Exempt properties

If you live in an exempt property, while you will be entitled to use sacks for your recycling and refuse, these will only be collected if:

  • They are tied and manageable
  • They are placed out for collection at the correct time

Communal properties

Residents using a communal bin will need to provide their own sacks. Residents will not normally need to move containers for collection.

Containers will not be emptied if:

  • They are overfilled
  • They contain inappropriate materials

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