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Litter enforcement

Litter can be as small as a sweet wrapper, piece of chewing gum or cigarette end. Street litter is often made of plastics, which take hundreds of years to biodegrade and can be harmful to birds and animals.

Dropped litter spoils the area and can end up in our storm drains, ditches, and streams. Storm water run-off carries large quantities of street litter to streams, rivers and lakes. Our street management team is responsible for reducing environmental crimes including enforcement of the correct disposal of litter.

To report litter offences in Charnwood, contact us on:

Fixed penalty notices

It is an offence to drop, throw, or deposit and leave litter anywhere. This offence includes dropping litter in water such as rivers, streams and lakes. If you are caught committing the offence of dropping litter in the borough, you may face prosecution and a fine of £150.

It is also an offence to throw litter out of a car, since April 1st 2018 if you or anyone in your vehicle throws litter out of the vehicle, the driver will be held responsible and fined £150. 

If you pay your fine within 14 days of the offence the matter will be closed and you will have discharged your liability. If you pay within ten days the penalty will be discounted to £75 for early payment. If the fixed penalty is refused or not paid then court proceedings will begin and you could be fined up to £2,500.

For littering from a vehicle, if you pay your fine within 28 days of the offence the matter will be closed and you will have discharged your liability.  If you pay within 14 days the penalty will be discounted to £75 for early payment.  If the fixed penalty is not paid within the 28 day period then it will double in cost to £300.

Fixed penalty notices can also be used for other environmental crimes and anti-social behaviour.

If you want to appeal the fixed penalty notice you should write to:

Street Management, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfield Road, Loughborough, Leicesetershire, LE11 2TR.

or email

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