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Review of polling districts 2018

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We are carrying out a review of polling districts in Charnwood and comments are invited.

The review started on October 1, 2018. On November 12, we published the comments of the (Acting) Returning Officer which can be found in the document below.

Polling Districts Review - Returning Officer's Report Nov 2018 (PDF Document, 0.33 Mb)

We are inviting comments about the review and they need to be submitted by December 12, 2018. Details on how to comment are below.

Why we are doing it

The borough council is required to review polling districts, places and stations every five years to ensure voting arrangements are up to date and fit for purpose.

Information and background

We currently have 76 polling districts.

  • A polling district is a geographical area within a ward or constituency (you can have more than one polling district in each ward/constituency)
  • A polling place – a location where polling stations are situated
  • A polling station – the actual room where you cast your vote (usually a room in a building like a village hall or school (sometimes there are two polling stations in a polling place due to a particularly large number of electors)

Maps of all the current polling districts

What the review covers

The review covers polling districts, places and stations in the borough of Charnwood, including the parliamentary constituency of Loughborough and the part of the Charnwood constituency within the borough.

What happens now

We are inviting comments about the review and they need to be submitted by December 12, 2018.

There are two stages to the review. Comments are invited about the review from October 1.

The (Acting) Returning Officer (ARO) for the Parliamentary Constituencies of Charnwood and Loughborough (Geoff Parker, chief executive of Charnwood Borough Council) will make comment on the proposals and they will be published on the Council website (on this page) on November 12, 2018.

Final proposals will be considered at a full meeting of Charnwood Borough Council on January 21.

Comments and representations should be sent to

  • or by post to Electoral Services, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfield Road, Loughborough, LE11 2TX

Who do we want views from

We are interested in views from residents, but particularly people who may have a view on disabled access to polling stations. We will be contacting some specific groups in the borough who may have views on access issues.
If people have concerns about an existing polling place then we would encourage people to suggest locations for a new location.

Notice of Review of Polling Districts (PDF Document, 0.15 Mb)

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