Below are details about proposals to improve Bull Ring, Hall Croft and Field Street in Shepshed.

The first phase of work is in Market Place and the future phases of work will be brought forward as funding allows.

The improvements have been developed from the Shepshed Town Centre Masterplan which sets out an ambition to make the areas more attractive for residents and to help boost trade for local shops and businesses.

Charnwood Borough Council, Shepshed Town Council and Shepshed Town Team have been working for many years to bring the masterplan forward.

Bull Ring

In summary, the proposed improvements to the Bull Ring include:

  • pavement surfaces will be renewed and refreshed
  • introduce new cycle parking stands
  • add new seating around trees
  • replace the existing bus shelter with a more contemporary structure, with a sedum roof to encourage biodiversity
  • replace street furniture
  • new landscaping with colour seasonal planting

Hall Croft

In summary, the proposed improvements to Hall Croft include:

  • replace barriers at entrance to Hall Croft with a new archway 
  • add new pedestrian signage to direct pedestrians to Hall Croft and Market Place
  • new cycle parking stands
  • concrete bollards to be replaced with planters with integrated seating
  • replace existing benches in 'Ewe & Eye' area and introduce additional seating
  • replace existing railings and street furniture near library with planters and new street furniture
  • replace planting and retain trees

Field Street

To improve the visual connection with Hall Croft the barriers will be replaced to complement a proposed archway feature in Hall Croft. The existing blank wall opposite will be bricked up and planted with colourful plant species to improve the visual appeal of the street.  

Last updated: Sun 26th February, 2023 @ 19:29