Southfields Park is a fantastic place to take a stroll, relax and meet with friends. 

The park is only a few minutes walk from Loughborough town centre and is popular with visitors of all ages. It offers plenty for everyone to enjoy including a play area, outdoor gym and a skateboard park.

Whether you want to use the outdoor gym to stay active, sit and enjoy your lunch or bring the whole family to play sports on the large open grassland, come along and see what Southfields Park has to offer. 

In recent years the Council has made several improvements to the park including creating a new entrance space on Leicester Road, improving lighting and resurfacing some of the paths.

The park is situated on Leicester Road and can be easily reached by foot, bicycle, car or bus. The nearest car parks can be found on our car parks webpage.

Outdoor gym

We recently invested £40,000 in outdoor gym equipment to improve the open space and encourage local residents to get active.

Designed and installed by Proludic, the outdoor gym comprises 12 stations from Proludic's Urbanix range– upper body, lower body and cardio – to provide a full body workout. 

The patented bi-directional hydraulic system can be set in eight different positions, enabling people of all abilities to exercise at a pace suitable for them and to progress the difficulty as fitness improves.

The Polysafe seats and handles are user friendly, and designed to stand up to intensive use in an outdoor environment.

You can download the free Proludic Sports app for instructions on how to use the equipment, track their workouts and set up fitness groups.


The skatepark attracts visitors from all across the borough and is very popular with skateboarders, skaters and BMX bikers. It comprises of both street and transition elements, and a large bowl. 

It was extended in 2019 to include more space and addition ramps.

Parkour park

This street workout facility includes a number of different exercise stations and obstacles made for parkour training. 


Southfields Park is situated at 90 Leicester Rd, Loughborough, LE11 2AQ.

Last updated: Sun 10th July, 2022 @ 17:20