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Streets for East of Loughborough

We are currently running a reduced garden waste collection service until Monday June 15, when fortnightly collections will return. For more information, please visit

For the latest information on service changes, advice and support, please visit

East of Loughborough

Abberton Way                

Adam Dale                       

Afton Close                     

Alan Moss Road (123 and Below) (156 and Below)

Albany Street                  

Albert Place                     

Albert Promenade                       

Albert Street                   

Alfred Street                   

All Saints View                

Alston Drive                    

Angus Drive                     

Annies Wharf                 

Archer Close                   

Armitage Close               

Arthur Street                   

Ashby Crescent               

Ashby Road                     

Avon Vale Road              

Bagley Close                    

Bainbridge Road                           

Barden Close                   

Barrett Drive                   

Barsby Drive                    

Bates Close                      

Baxter Gate                     

Beacon Road (111 and Below)  (106 and Below)

Beeches Road                 

Belmont Way                  

Belton Road                    

Bentley Close                  

Blackbrook Road                          

Blake Drive                      

Blithfield Avenue                          

Bond Close                      

Booth End                       

Bottleacre Lane              

Boyer Street                    

Braddon Road                

Bramble Close                

Brisco Avenue                 

Brockington Place                         

Browns Lane                   

Brush Drive                     

Burbage Close                

Burder Street                  

Burfield Avenue             

Burleigh Road                 

Burton Street                  

Burton Walks                  

Butterley Drive               

Byland Way                     

Byron Street                    

Byron Street Extension               

Cabin Leas                       

Cambridge Street                         

Canalbridge Close                        

Canning Way                   

Carington Street                           

Carnation Road              

Cartland Drive                

Cartwright Street                          

Castledine Street                          

Castledine Street Extension                      

Cedar Road                     

Chapman Street                            

Charles Street                 

Charnwood Forester End                          

Charnwood Road                         

Chelker Way                   

Chester Close                  

Chestnut Street              

Christie Drive                  

Church Lands                  

Clarence Street               

Clawson Close                

Cliff Avenue                    

Clifford Road                   

Clowbridge Drive                          

Cobden Street                 

Colgrove Road                

Colling Close                   

Coltman Drive                 

Cookson Place                

Cooper Court                  

Copeland Crescent                       

Cordell Road                   

Cornflower Road                          

Cotes Drive                      

Cotswold Close               

Cotton Way                     

Cowdray Close                

Cradock Street                

Craneworks Close                        

Crocus Close                   

Croome Close                 

Cropston Avenue                         

Crosswood Close                          

Cumberland Road                        

Curzon Street                  

Daffodil Close                 

Darwin Crescent                           

De Lisle Court                 

De Montfort Close                       

Deane Street                   

Deanside Drive               

Deer Acre                        

Deighton Way                 

Derby Road                     

Derby Square                  

Doyle Close                     

Duncan Way                   

Durham Road                 

Durrell Close                   

Easby Close                     

Edelin Road                     

Eden Close                      

Edward Street                 

Elms Grove                      

Empress Road                 

Epinal Way                      

Eyebrook Close               

Fay Drive                         

Fearon Street                  

Ferryman Road               

Finsbury Avenue                           

Fleming Close                 

Forest Road (103 and Below)  (146 and Below)

Forsyth Close                  

Fox Covert                       

Foxcote Drive                  

Francis Drive                   

Frederick Street              

Freehold Street              

Gardner Close                 

Garendon Green                          

Garendon Road              

Garton Road                   

Gavin Drive                     

George Street                 

Gisborough Way                           

Gladstone Avenue                        

Gladstone Street                           

Glebe Street                    

Goldfinch Close              

Golding Close                  

Goods Yard Close                         

Gracedieu Road             

Grafton Road                  

Graham Rise                   

Granby Street                 

Grange Street                 

Granville Street              

Grassholme Drive                         

Great Central Road                      

Gregory Street                

Grove Road                     

Hailey Avenue                

Harlech Close                  

Hartington Street                         

Hastings Street               

Havelock Street              

Haydon Road                  

Hayward Avenue                          

Heathcoat Street                          

Herbert Street                

Hermitage Road                           

Herrick Road                   

Herriot Way                    

Hickling Court                 

Holbein Close                 

Holmfield Avenue                        

Howard Street                

Howden Close                

Hudson Street                 

Humphrey Close                           

Hyacinth Close                

Irwin Avenue                  

James Avenue                

John Phillips Close                        

Judges Street                  

King Crescent North                     

King Crescent South                     

King Edward Road                        

King George Avenue                    

King George Road                        

King Street                       

Kingfisher Way               

Kings Avenue                  

Kingswood Avenue                      

Knightthorpe Road (179 and Below)  (154 and Below)

Knipton Drive                  

Ladybird Close                

Ladybower Road                          

Laneshaw Avenue                        

Lawrence Way                

Leicester Road                

Leighton Avenue                          

Leopold Street                

Leslie Close                     

Lewis Road                      

Lilleshall Way                  

Lime Avenue                   

Limehurst Avenue                        

Limetree Grove              

Linden Road                    

Lindisfarne Drive                          

Ling Road                         

Lisle Street                       

Little Moor Lane                           

Lower Cambridge Street                            

Lower Gladstone Street              

Lowther Way                  

Lyall Close                       

Maclean Avenue                          

Maxwell Drive                

Mayfield Drive                

Maynard Close               

Meadow Avenue                          

Meadow Lane                 

Melville Close                 

Mendel Drive                  

Middle Avenue               

Middleton Place                           

Milton Street                  

Mitchell Drive                 

Monsarrat Way              

Moor Lane                       

Moorhen Way                

Morris Close                    

Mortimer Way                

Mount Grace Road                       

Murdoch Rise                 

Naseby Drive                  

Naylor Avenue                

New Ashby Road                          

Newbon Close                

Newton Close                 

Normanton Drive                         

North Road                     

Nottingham Road                         

Oakham Close                

Old Ashby Road              

Oliver Road                     

Orwell Close                    

Osborne Road                

Oxford Street                  

Paget Street                    

Palmer Avenue               

Park Avenue                   

Park Road (183 and Below)  (182 and Below)

Park Street                      

Perry Grove                     

Pevensey Road               

Pinfold Gate                    

Pitsford Drive                  

Pleasant Close                

Plumtree Close               

Queens Road                  

Quorn Close                    

Radmoor Road               

Ratcliffe Road                 

Ravensthorpe Drive                     

Raymond Avenue                         

Rectory Road                  

Redmires Close               

Regent Wharf Place                     

Rendell Street                 

Rivington Drive               

Robin Mews                    

Rockingham Road                        

Rosebery Street              

Roundhill Way                

Rowbank Way                

Roydale Close                 

Rudyard Close                

Rufford Close                  

Russell Street                  

Saddlers Close                

Salisbury Street              

Schofield Road               

School Street                   

Selbourne Street                           

Seton Close                     

Seward Street                 

Shakespeare Street                      

Sharpley Road                

Sharter Drive                  

Sheldon Close                 

Shelley Street                  

Shelthorpe Avenue                      

Shelthorpe Road                          

Skevington Avenue                      

Snowdrop Close                           

Southfield Road             

Speeds Pingle                  

St Marys Close                

St Olaves Close               

Stanford Hill                    

Stanley Street                 

Station Boulevard                        

Station Street                  

Staveley Court                

Stewart Drive                  

Stonebow Close             

Storer Road                     

Sywell Avenue                

Thomas Cook Place                      

Thomas Street                

Thorny Close                   

Thorpe Hill                       

Toothill Road                  

Tow Path Close               

Trackside Close               

Trinity Street                   

Tuckers Road                  

Tulip Crescent                 

Turner Avenue               

Tyler Avenue                   

Victoria Street                 

Violet Lane                      

Wain Drive                      

Waistrell Drive                

Wallace Road                  

Warner Place                  

Warwick Way                 

Waverley Close              

Weaver Close                 

Webster Road                

Wellington Street                         

Wesley Close                  

Westfield Drive              

Whaddon Drive              

Wharncliffe Road                         

Wheatland Drive                          

Whitby Close                  

Whitehouse Avenue                    

Wicket Close                   

William Street                 

Wilmington Court                        

Wilstone Close               

Wilton Avenue               

Windlass Close               

Windmill Road                

Winterburn Way                          

Wisteria Way                  

Wolsey Way                    

Woodbrook Way                          


Woodthorpe Avenue                   

Woodthorpe Road                       

Wren Close                     

Wyndham Road             

York Road                        

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