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Residents' Survey 2017

The votes for candidates in the Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies are now being counted. Once validated, the result will be declared and published on the General Election 2019 results webpage.

We conduct a residents' survey every two years and the results of the last one, carried out in 2017, are now available. 

Read the 2017 online survey results.

A total of 1,571 people responded to the survey, over 500 more than in 2015.

The survey asked people to rate how happy they are living in the borough, how satisfied they are with council services and to identify what issues they believe we should be focusing on. 

The feedback we receive helps the council understand what services are most important to you and help inform future planning and priority setting. The 2017 survey found people's priorities had not changed since the 2015 survey.

In 2017 we also carried out a face-to-face survey using a random sample method and the results of that survey are also available. The purpose was to explore other methods of acquiring representative views from borough residents.

Read the face-to-face 2017 survey results.

The full results of the 2015 survey can be found in this report.

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