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Taxi licensing

Licensing ensures the safety of the public by making sure our drivers are ‘fit and proper’ and that the vehicles they drive are safe, suitable and reliable. We currently licence two different types of vehicles in Charnwood; Hackney Carriage and Private Hire.

Charnwood Hackney Carriage: can use any designated rank within the Borough of Charnwood, be flagged down in the street, are available for immediate hire, may ‘ply for hire' and will have a top sign and a white plate for identification.

Charnwood Private Hire: must be pre-booked in advance via a licensed Charnwood private hire operators base, cannot use the ranks, cannot ‘ply for hire’ or be flagged down in the street and will have a yellow plate for identification as well as two yellow oval signs to go on each side of their vehicle.

We set the maximum fares that Hackney Carriages may charge. These tariffs must be displayed inside the vehicle. We have no control over the fares set by Private Hire vehicles as this involves a contract between the operator and the hirer at the time of booking.

Driver's licence

From April 1, 2017, individual driver licences will be replaced with the combined driver licence/badge, and applicants who wish to drive either Hackney Carriage and/or Private Hire vehicles in Charnwood will need to follow the same process in order to obtain their licence.

More information about application forms and the application process is available using the links below.

Vehicle licence

Application forms and guidance documents for Hackney Carriages and Private Hire vehicle licences are available on the relevant pages below.

All private hire vehicles must be operated from an official Private Hire office licensed by Charnwood. An application form and guidance notes are available on our Private Hire Operator's Licence page.

The immigration act 2016 

Due to the Immigration Act 2016, everyone who applies for a driver or operator licence, will have to prove their right to work in the UK. That means driver and operator licences will not be issued to people who are in the UK illegally, are not permitted to work, or are subject to a condition that prohibits them from holding such a licence. 

If you have permission to be in the UK for a limited length of time then, if you are issued a driver or operator licence, it will be limited to the duration of the permission you have to stay.

There are a number of documents which can be produced to prove your right to work and they are listed in the licence application packs.


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