The Housing Repairs Service is responsible for replacing or repairing items that were already damaged through wear and tear when a tenancy started.

If the previous tenant has changed the property in any way, you will be asked to take on responsibility for maintaining the alterations or additional items.

If items listed under tenants' responsibilities or decor are damaged as the result of a repair by one of our workers they will be repaired by us at no cost to you.

The Housing Repair Service

The Housing Repairs Service is responsible for the main structure of our properties, and will repair major items such as:

  • Foundations
  • External walls, doors and door frames
  • Window frames
  • Roofs, gutters, rainwater pipes and drainage (some drainage is the responsibility of Severn Trent)
  • Water services
  • Electrical and gas services (not supply and meters)
  • Central heating and hot water systems
  • Communal areas (such as lifts and stairs) in multi-occupied buildings

What are tenants responsible for?

As the tenant you are responsible for keeping the inside of your home in good condition. This includes the fixtures and fittings and internal decoration, any broken windows and all additions, alterations, replacements and improvements - a full list is available in the tenants guide to repairs, which can be viewed/downloaded below:

If you live in a flat, you must get our permission to put up any type of aerial or satellite dish.

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