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Land charge search forms

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Two forms must be submitted for a standard search, a Requisition for Search LLC1 and the form of Enquiries Con 29 (2002 Edition). These forms can be obtained from legal stationers.

The replies provide information on whether there are any Local Land Charges or other proposals, which may affect the property or land being searched.

The Search of the Register (Form LLC1)

  • This statutory procedure reveals any planning, environmental, financial or highway restrictions on the property or land.

Enquiries of Local Authorities (Con 29)

  • This contains contains enquiries designed to reveal to an intending purchaser, information about the property to be purchased and the effect on it of the exercise of our powers and duties.

Optional enquiries

The Con 29 search form includes a section for optional enquiries, for example the location of pipelines and public footpaths. Optional enquiries should be requested when submitting the basic search and there is an additional fee for each optional enquiry requested.

Please also note that the HM Revenue and Customs have determined that search fees for CON29R, CON29O and related individual questions element of a search will now be subject to the application of VAT and therefore we will be adding VAT at 20% to the relevant fees.

Submit a search

Both the LLC1 Requisition for Search and Con 29 Enquiries should be submitted at the same time if answers to both are required. Applications must include the following to be accepted for processing:

  • The correct fee: Cheques to be made payable to “Charnwood Borough Council”.
  • A correct, clear address to be searched against and an up to date site plan, showing the boundaries of the property or land to be searched against, clearly marked.
    • A plan is not always necessary if the search is against a site with a numbered postal address but is advisable to ensure accuracy.
  • Applications to be addressed to the Local Land Charges Service, Charnwood Borough Council, Southfields Offices, Southfields Road, Loughborough, LE11 2TN, by DX 19628 Loughborough or electronically via your solicitors connection to the National Land Information Service (NLIS).
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