Planning permission has been granted for the development by both Charnwood Borough Council and Leicester City Council as the development crosses the boundary between these two Council areas.

The application is called a hybrid application because it is partly in outline, (in principle), and partly detailed.

Detailed planning permission has been granted for the southern access road, which mostly lies within Leicester City.  This application can be found on the Leicester City Council website using reference number 20132317. This is the decision noticeissued by Leicester City Council:

Outline Planning permission was granted in August 2016 for the rest of the proposal which generally lies  within Charnwood. This means that the principle of development has been agreed as long as what is built meets with the conditions in the Decision Notice and the legal agreement. These can be accessed here: 

Decision Notices

This is the decision notice issued by Charnwood:

Legal Agreement (Section.106)

The legal agreement, known as a Section 106, is set out in sections below:

Some of the conditions in the decision notice require further details, either in the form of more detailed planning applications, (the reserved matters), or as applications to discharge planning conditions. 

Applications to discharge conditions which have been submitted can be viewed via the planning applications webpage.

There are also requirements to provide further details or undertake tasks written into the legal agreement. Where this involves the submission of further key documents they will be added below once they have been agreed.  

Other key documents are:

The Design and Access Statement

This sets out overall design principles. It can be found below:

Transport Assessment

This shows how vehicle movements were assessed. It can be found below:

Environmental Impact Assessment

This is required for some developments above a certain size such as this. It assesses the impact of the development on areas of the environment. There is a short summary of this called the non-technical summary below:

A supplement to the Environmental Impact Assessment was submitted in August 2014 and has its own summary document which can be found below:

There are also longer versions of these documents and a series of technical appendices that were submitted with the planning application. These can be viewed within the outline application documents here. They are labelled DM_ENVSTAT and are either dated January 2014 for the original Environmental Impact Assessment or August 2014 for the supplement to it:

Green Space

This document outlines the strategy for open spaces to be provided across the site.


As the project progresses important contact details will be added here. At present the Case Officer at Charnwood Borough Council can be contacted at

Commercial Estates Group (CEG) are the developers and they can be contacted at

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