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Walking Netball

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Walking Netball is a slower version of the game; it is netball, but at a walking pace.

The game has been designed so that anyone can play it regardless of age or fitness levelFrom those who have dropped out of the sport they love due to serious injury, to those who believed they had hung up their netball trainers many years ago, it really is for everyone. It provides a great opportunity to get back into a sport you love or to start for the very first time.

When does it take place?

Venue: Soar Valley Leisure Centre, Mountsorrel

Day/Time: Thursday's 4pm-5pm

For more information please contact Soar Valley Leisure Centre on 0116 2375267.

More information on activities for adults

For more information about what we do for the Charnwood residents aged 18 and above, you can contact our physical activity development officers who will be more than happy to help!

Mat Richardson

Tel: 01509 632 535


Sam Chamberlain

Tel: 01509 632 525


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