The water is provided for the use of all tenants, to keep crops watered, especially in times of drought and for hand washing. 

For information on how to get the most out of watering your crops please see The National Allotment Societies guidance.

Water is a precious resource and so Tenants should do everything they can to prevent waste leakage or misuse of water; this includes notifying the council of any issues as soon as they are noticed.  Reports can be made using the online form below.

The water to our allotment sites is metered, and charged according to usage, so excessive use, including leaving a watering system on overnight, or unattended during the day for lengthy periods is not acceptable and could result in action being taken.

Winter period

Water is turned off by the Council over the winter period to prevent water freezing in the pipes and causing burst pipes.

The water should remain turned off until the spring. If a tenant turns the water back on over this period and subsequently causes a burst pipe, then the tenant would be expected to pay for the repairs. If a tenant continuously turns the water on over the winter period, then they may receive a Notice to Quit.

Allotment applications and enquiries

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