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White Mind sacks

Mind is the leading mental health charity for England and Wales, who campaign vigorously to create a society that promotes good mental health for all.

Mind is hopeful of a society where people with experience of mental distress are treated fairly, positively and with respect.

Your donated items will be taken to the Mind warehouse in Blaby, where the items are sorted by a volunteer team and distributed to the shops in the region.

Donating to MindMind Bag

You can donate the following items by putting them out next to your green bin on your recycling collection day, in a white Mind sack:

  • Clean, dry, wearable clothing
  • Household linen
  • Paired shoes
  • Handbags
  • Soft toys

If you need to order more of the Mind sacks, or wish to report that collection of these items has been missed, you can do so by using our online report form, by calling 01509 634563.

Charity shops

As an alternative to the Mind sacks you can take any unwanted items to any local charity shop. There are a variety of charity shops supporting different causes in Charnwood which you can visit either to donate your unwanted items, or to buy second hand goods:

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