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A non-dependant is usually someone who lives with you, such as an adult son or daughter, relative or friend.

Non-dependants cannot claim Housing Benefit for any payments that they make to you.

The following do not count as non-dependants:

  • Sub-tenants, boarders and people who are jointly liable to pay the rent or council tax with you
  • Children aged up to 20 years for whom you or your partner receive child benefit
  • Joint tenants - they will have to claim Housing or Council Tax Benefit in their own right

If in doubt about someone's status in your house contact us for advice.

Any money the non-dependant pays to you as 'board' is not taken into account in the calculation of your benefit but a deduction will be made from your benefit based on the non-dependants gross weekly income.

If you have non-dependants who are a couple then one deduction will be made based on their joint income.

2020/21 deductions can be found on the non-dependant deductions 2020/21 webpage.

When are non-dependant deductions not made?

No deduction is made if you or your partner are:

  • Registered blind
  • In receipt of Attendance Allowance
  • In receipt of the Care Component of Disability Living Allowance

No deductions is made also if the non-dependant is:

  • aged under 18 or is still in full time education and you still get child benefit for them
  • on a youth training scheme
  • normally living elsewhere
  • is under 25 and received Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance - this applies to Housing Benefit Only
  • Is receiving Income Support, Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance - this applies to Council Tax  only
  • in prison or otherwise detained
  • is receiving employment and support allowance (Income Related)

If you or your partner are 65 years of age of over and a non-dependant moves in with you no deduction will be taken for the first 26 weeks that they live with you but you must still tell us as soon as they move in.

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