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Events in Charnwood

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Mindful Movement Mondays and Somatics Summer Social: Am Class

Mon 16th April, 2018, 10am to 11:45am

Movement is medicine and I'm passionate about teaching you to use it to feel great!

Start Mondays with a restorative, feelgood class to unwind your body and calm your mind.
Why not stay after class for a coffee and chat?
(There's also cake ;-))
Bring a friend!

Mondays, 10am - 11.45am
April 16 and 30
May 21
June 11 and 25
July 9


Gorse Covert Community Centre LE11 4RZ

This class is to help you:

  • Ease tension
  • Move better
  • Get relaxed
  • Increase a feeling of well-being
  • Do the activities you love in comfort
  • Take away strategies you can use by yourself

You will learn new skills to help you listen' to your body

  • gain even greater enjoyment from movement
  • Move in a more co-ordinated way
  • Explore movement options
  • Reduce bodily tension
  • Breathe more deeply without strain
  • Calm the mind
  • Relax your muscles
  • Create greater comfort and a sense of spaciousness in your body
  • Increase mobility and freedom of movement
  • Move parts of you that you didn't realise were not moving
  • Deal with tension, discomfort, a racing mind and stress by yourself in the long term

Useful. Enjoyable. Sociable!

The course of classes will draw upon neuroscience-based mind-body practices:

  • Hanna Somatics
  • Mindfulness Skills
  • Breath
  • Feldenkrais movements
  • Yoga
  • Autogenic Relaxation
  • Neurodynamics

6 sessions: £51

***Discount for early bookers and website subscribers***
***Early bird for website subscribers: £45 ***
Book and pay by March 31

This will be bookings only class with advance payment - no drop-ins or paying on the door.

If you are unable to make all of the 6 classes, as long as you are able to attend at least 3 sessions, you can pay for 3/4/5 classes at £9.50 per class £9 per class early bird. Bookings and payments to be made in advance.

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I am a Clinical Somatic Educator, Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Skills teacher with an ongoing interest in pain and movement education, stress and anxiety resilience and neuroscience.

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