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Building control news

Below is the latest relevant news regarding building control. Please feel free to contact us if you think that there is something we have missed.

Richard Bennett - Head of Planning and Regeneration

Relaxed planning law 

Planning law has been relaxed but building regulations are still required.

Amended fees summary

Amended fees summary: reflect changes and provide better customer service.

  • SAP: Fees altered to reflect changes in Government requirements for thermal bridge calculations and increased CO2 reductions.
  • RdSAP: No price change but reduced maximum floor area including in the prices, larger properties by quotation.
  • Pre-Application Advice: Fees for larger schemes and advice over 1 hour, also site visits included and following this we confirm in writing advice and also maintain a database record for future retrieval.
  • Completion Inspection on Closed Applications: Frequently request are made to inspect old application and issue a completion certificate, often for remortgage or sale, this service allow us to provide this facility now.
  • Refunds: Clearly define rules in place where an application is withdrawn or reduced.
  • Exempt Buildings; Service that includes a site visit to assess if the works proposed or carried out are exempt or not, written confirmation and a database record for future retrieval.

Transfer of private sewers to water and sewerage companies

On October 1, 2011, the government transferred all sewage pipes outside property boundaries, and all sewage pipes which are shared with another property within a properties boundary, to the sewerage/water companies.

In Charnwood Borough, this is usually Severn Trent. Privately owned pumping stations which meet the same criteria will also be adopted by sewerage/water companies on or before October 1, 2016.

All sewers outside property boundaries and sewers within property boundaries which are shared with another property have now been, or will be, transferred to Severn Trent Water. Property owners remain responsible for the private drains within their boundary.

For further information, visit or the Severn Trent website.

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