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Why do I have to give you access?

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As your landlord we have a legal responsibility to ensure that your gas appliances are safe to use. 

To achieve this we need access to your home each and every year.  A Gas Safe registered engineer will inspect and service the gas appliances in your home.  At the same time we will check your smoke alarms and any carbon monoxide detectors.

Our legal obligations

We, and our partner contractor Sure Group, will offer flexible AM and PM appointments for your gas service and provide a gas safety certificate upon completion. We also provide a breakdown service, with an out of hours response.

We will ensure your heating and hot water is maintained as the manufacturer recommended and test that your heating and water are operating safely and efficiently.

All of our employees carrying out gas related works carry their Gas Safe Registration card. Please remember to always check the engineer’s gas safe card which carries their name and the picture. If in doubt, do not let them in and contact us.

Your legal obligations

As a tenant you have a legal obligation to allow access to our gas contractor Sure Group to undertake this work. Sure Group will contact you six to eight weeks before your gas or solid fuel appliance is due its annual gas service, they will then give you at least seven working days notice of an appointment. 

If three appointments have been made and not been met, our legal department will apply for a court injunction to access your home and carry out the service - any costs incurred will be charged to you.

If you do not use your gas supply we still need access to test the gas installation and smoke alarms in your home. For more information, contact Sure Group on: 0800 840 8021 or 01509 634 622.

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