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Tenancy pack

The votes for candidates in the Loughborough and Charnwood constituencies are now being counted. Once validated, the result will be declared and published on the General Election 2019 results webpage.

As a council tenant you should already have been provided with a copy of the 'Your Place Tenancy Pack' which contains all the information you need to know about your tenancy.

Click the links below to download the complete the "Your Place Tenancy Pack" as one file or choose the individual sections you require.

Complete pack

Section 1 - Tenancy agreements

Section 2 - Maintenance of your property

Section 3 - Being neighbourly and getting involved

Section 4 - Your money

Section 5 - Support services

Section 6 - Tenants who want to move

Section 7 - Key contacts

Section 8 - About the council 

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