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Community Governance Review

We are carrying out a public consultation as part of a community governance review, which provides councils with the opportunity to review and make changes to community governance in their areas, usually where there have been changes to the local population.

The review will consider a number of issues, including whether to:

  • Create a new parish
  • Alter the boundary of an existing parish
  • Group a number of parishes together in a grouped parish council

This review will look at current parish boundaries and address whether they need to be changed, or new ones created, to reflect the changing landscape and population of Charnwood both now and in the future.

A public consultation was held between February 1 and April 30, 2017. All submissions received will be carefully reviewed, and draft proposals for any changes will be published for a further period of consultation between July and September 2017. Final recommendations for any changes will be approved in January 2018, and will come into effect for the local council elections in May 2019.  

To view maps of the current boundaries, please visit our maps page.

For any issues regarding the cummunity governance review, please email

Timeline for community governance review

  • January 23, 2017: Terms of reference for the Community Governance Review agreed by full council
  • February 1 to April 30, 2017: Initial consultation period
  • June: Any proposed changes considered by the council
  • July - September, 2017: Stage 2 of the consultation about any proposed changes
  • January, 2018: Full Council to consider any final proposed changes, following the consultation
  • May, 2019: Approved changes will come into effect for the local council elections
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