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Residents' Parking

Residents' Parking Schemes are designed to help residents park close to their homes or premises, while deterring vehicles from outside the area from parking and causing congestion. These schemes do not reserve places exclusively for each permit holder, but permit holders can park in any of the streets within their designated scheme area (zone) in the resident parking bays provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Leicestershire County Council is responsible for the implementation and administration of all Residents' Parking Schemes in Leicestershire and DO NOT Offer a Face-to-Face or online applications service, although it is possible to renew online.  Applications must be made to Leicestershire County Council by post, who aim to despatch the permits within 5 working days.

For all matters relating to the Residents' Parking schemes, including operation, applying, renewing and applying for more Visitor's permits, then please use the following link to Leicestershire County Council's Residents' Parking pages where you will find everything you need. Alternatively, use on of the direct links provided below:

  1. Where the Residents’ Parking Schemes are in Charnwood 
  2. How the Residents’ Parking Schemes operate
  3. How to apply (please note there is no facility to do this on-line or face-to-face)
  4. How to Renew your parking permit online

PLEASE NOTE: Parking restrictions remain in force 365 days a year, including Bank Holidays, unless the adjacent parking signage states otherwise. Please always check the parking signage and road markings at the location where you wish to park before parking there.

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