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Recycling and waste

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Changes made to refuse and recycling over the Christmas period

Below is some useful information on recycling and waste within Charnwood. If recyclable materials are placed in black bin bags the crews cannot check them and unfortunately will not be able to take the bin away.

Paint recycling

Leicestershire County Council operate a paint reuse scheme from their Whetstone recycling and household waste site. 

Please see Leicestershire's Recycling & Household Waste Sites (tips) for information on sites that can accept paint for disposal.

Mobile phone and printer cartridge recycling

All mobile phones are accepted at Recycling & Household Waste sites either with or without a battery and charger and envirofone will pay you for recycling your old mobile phone.

Some printer cartridges can be refilled, but please check your printer and cartridge instructions though as not all printers and cartridges are suitable for refilling.

Old mobile phones and printer cartridges are accepted by many charities for recycling.

Toy libraries

Toy libraries provide carefully selected toys to borrow for a nominal fee (and sometimes for free), play sessions, and a friendly, informative meeting place for parents and carers.

Head over to the NetMums website to find local toy libraries.

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