Local Plan hearings to resume on February 20

Published: Mon 12th February, 2024

Public hearings will take place in February as part of the scrutiny process for Charnwood Borough Council’s Local Plan which sets out a vision for growth in the area.

The independent planning inspectors, who have been appointed by Government to examine the plan, will be hosting the sessions.

It comes after Inspectors asked the Council to hold a further consultation last year with those who made representations on five documents of the submitted version of the plan.

The sessions will help Inspectors establish whether the responses to the recent consultation will result in any implications for the soundness of the plan and if any main modifications are necessary.

The hearings will take place at 9.30am on Tuesday, February 20 at Loughborough Town Hall and take place over a three-day period until Thursday February 22 with a reserved session on Friday February 23.

The focused and limited discussions will comprise of:

  • Matter 2 (Vision, Objectives, Sustainable Development, and the Development Strategy)
  • Matter 7 (Housing Land Supply)
  • Matter 8 (Infrastructure and Transport)
  • Matter 9 (Viability and Monitoring)

The hearings will be held in public but participation in the discussions is only open to people who responded to the recent Post Hearing consultation and those who either previously took part in these sessions and/or supplied a related written statement and have registered to participate with the Programme Officer.

For the full schedule, please visit www.charnwood.gov.uk/examination.

The draft Charnwood Local Plan 2021-37 provides a robust strategy for growth which simultaneously safeguards the environment and helps build healthy communities. It identifies how the borough will meet increased Government targets for new homes, as well as providing employment land and critical infrastructure.

For more information about the Local Plan, the examination process and the public hearings, please visit www.charnwood.gov.uk/localplan