The first release of the 2011 Census population and household estimates for Charnwood were published, showing the following results: 

  • The population had increased by 8.2% from the last Census in 2001.
  • 2011 Census population estimate of usual residents is 166,100
  • 66,500 Household spaces are occupied by at least one usual resident

This first release of data is rounded to the nearest 100 and is for Charnwood as a whole, data for wards and parishes can be found by going to the Neighbourhood Statistics website. Further information on the 2011 Census is available at

The Census benefits

  • A census counts everybody and describes society.

  • A census collects and shares facts about the population's ever-changing characteristics.

  • A census is one of the main ways of accurately measuring change across the whole population.

  • The census provides a detailed map of the population, including different ages, sexes and ethnic groups.

  • The information will help to ensure that the local services that people rely on, such as transport, housing, schools and hospitals, can be provided where they are needed.

  • The information helps central and local government ensure that all areas receive the funding owed.

Last updated: Tue 4th August, 2020 @ 11:39