Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is found in rocks all over the world.

The fibres are strong and flexible with excellent fire proofing and insulating qualities, and therefore was commonly added to building materials between the 1930s and the late 1990s. Almost all buildings constructed or altered during this period are likely to contain some asbestos.

Asbestos is generally only a risk if disturbed or damaged, when fibres are released into the air. If materials that contain asbestos are in good condition it is safer to leave it alone and ensure the risks are managed. The greatest risk arises when materials containing asbestos are sawn, drilled, sanded or scrubbed. Asbestos fibres released during these activities cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Asbestos in your home - what are we doing?

  • We have surveyed our tenanted properties to identify where asbestos exists
  • Where necessary we carry out regular inspections to check on the condition of any asbestos that we find
  • Before we carry out major improvement work on a property, we will do an asbestos reassessment survey
  • We use qualified asbestos consultants to carry out all surveys
  • If asbestos is found we will identify whether we need to remove the asbestos (remember, it is safe unless it is damaged or disturbed)
  • If action is required, we use licensed asbestos contractors to either encapsulate the asbestos (make it safe) or remove it

As part of your tenancy agreement you should never carry out any home improvements without first contacting the council and getting written permission.

Once you have permission, the Council’s asbestos report will inform you of where asbestos is or could be in your home.

Hired contractors and/or tradesmen must have been trained in asbestos awareness and should always check for the presence of asbestos before starting any work.

If any material that you think contains asbestos is damaged during any home improvements or DIY work, please contact us as soon as possible for advice. Do not drill, saw, scrub or sand anything you think may contain asbestos.

Advice and information can be found in the booklet below:

If required, we can provide further advice by telephone on 01509 634666.

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