The electoral wards for Charnwood are changing for the May elections in 2023.

There are currently 28 wards in Charnwood and that will be reduced to 24.

Some of the ward names will change. All ward boundaries will change, apart from the wards of Anstey and then Quorn and Mountsorrel Castle.

The changes follow a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England which included a consultation. These reviews are carried out every few years to ensure that one councillor represents approximately the same number of voters. The commission also aims to ensure that the ward boundaries reflect the interests and identities of local communities, as well as promote effective local government.

The number of councillors remains the same at 52 and the new wards will be made up of:

  • five single-councillor wards
  • ten two-councillor wards
  • nine three-councillor wards.

The new wards for Charnwood

The new wards will take effect for the local elections on May 4. Your poll card will tell you which ward you are voting in. Please check your poll card carefully when you receive it because there have been some changes to polling station locations.

The current crop of councillors will continue to represent the existing wards until May 4.

The 24 new wards are listed below. The number of councillors who will represent that ward is in brackets:

  1. Anstey (2)
  2. Barrow Upon Soar (2)
  3. Birstall East & Wanlip (2)
  4. Birstall West (2)
  5. Dishley, Hathern & Thorpe Acre (3)
  6. Forest Bradgate (1)
  7. Loughborough Ashby (3)
  8. Loughborough East (3)
  9. Loughborough Nanpantan (1)
  10. Loughborough Outwoods & Shelthorpe (3)
  11. Loughborough Southfields (2)
  12. Loughborough Storer (2)
  13. Loughborough Woodthorpe (1)
  14. Mountsorrel (2)
  15. Quorn & Mountsorrel Castle (2)
  16. Rothley Brook (3)
  17. Shepshed East (2)
  18. Shepshed West (2)
  19. Sileby & Seagrave (3)
  20. South Charnwood (1)
  21. Syston (3)
  22. The Wolds (1)
  23. Thurmaston (3)
  24. Wreake Valley (3)

You can view a map of the new wards on the Boundary Commission website.

Last updated: Fri 14th April, 2023 @ 10:20