The deadline for applications has now passed.

The Government has made funding support available to households in Charnwood which were flooded during Storm Henk between January 2 and January 12, 2024. 

Details of each scheme for households and how to apply can be found below.

The deadline for applications was Thursday March 21, 2024.

Please note: All applicants must ensure all relevant documents are uploaded at the time of application. Any missing information could mean a delay in the assessment of the grant and in turn could mean it will be unable to be processed to meet the payment deadline as imposed by Central Government.

Community Recovery Grant

For flooded households meeting the criteria, a Community Recovery Grant of £500 is available to help with immediate recovery costs.  

If you have had to move out of your home where you normally live, or it is considered unliveable for at least 48 hours because of Storm Henk, you could be eligible for a Community Recovery Grant and/or 100% discount on Council Tax.

  • The grant is £500 and paid direct to the household
  • Households are eligible where the living accommodation has been flooded or the home has been left uninhabitable for at least 48 hours due to flooding, such as when utilities have been cut off
  • The grant does not apply to empty homes, student accommodation or second homes
  • If you are the bill payer for council tax purposes on a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), flat, you are eligible to claim the Community Recovery Grant

Council Tax Discount Scheme

If flood water entered the habitable areas of your home or flood water did not enter into the habitable areas, but the residence was otherwise considered unliveable as a result of the recent floods for at least 48 hours, you will receive a 100% discount on your Council Tax for a minimum of three months – this means you do not have to pay Council Tax during this period.

After three months, if you moved out and have not been able to return home, you may not have to pay Council Tax until you move back.

If you are not able to move back into your home after three months, please tell us so that this discount may be extended.

You may also be able to claim a discount on any Council Tax that you are paying on a second or rented property that you are living in temporarily as a result of not being able to live in your main home.

Instances where households might be considered unliveable could include:

  • Where access to the property is severely restricted
  • Services such as sewerage, wate and power supplies are severely affected
  • The adverse weather has resulted in other significant damage to the property, such that it would be, or would have been, advisable for residents to vacate, regardless of whether they do vacate or not
  • Flooded gardens and garages will not usually render a household eligible but there may be exceptions where it could be demonstrated that such instances mean effectively that the property is unliveable.

Second homes, and empty homes are not eligible for this scheme.

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