We have created a short list the latest news and advice to help you stay safe in Charnwood, alongside tips on how to protect your home and car.

Protecting your home

  • If you are out in the back garden, ensure that your front door is secure.
  • Put your garden tools and games away into a secure garage or tools shed after using them, they could be used to break into your home, or your neighbours'.
  • When you leave a room unattended, close the windows and doors - especially on the ground floor.
  • If you want to leave windows open while you sleep, fit window restrictors so they cannot be fully opened, or make sure they are not large enough to allow access to a burglar.
  • Keep all wallets, purses, credit cards, car keys and other valuables out of sight.
  • Consider fitting outside security lighting or a visible alarm to help deter burglars. Even using pea shingle or gravel on a driveway and spiky plants in garden beds can help.

Protecting your vehicle

  • When you leave your vehicle make sure you lock it
  • If you park your car out in the countryside, take your bag or wallet with you and don't leave other belongings on view in your car. Even an old coat left in sight could tempt someone to break in.
  • Park in a well-lit area

Remember to lock your car even if you are only popping in the house for five minutes.

Last updated: Mon 12th March, 2018 @ 16:39