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Our offices are now closed to the public so we would encourage you to access services and information through this website.

We currently own three leisure centres to help residents get fit and stay healthy. These are operated and managed by Fusion Lifestyle and each has their own website with a wealth of information including gym details, pool and exercise class timetables, prices and online booking.

Our Active Charnwood team run a host of activities for residents as well as our popular holiday activity programme.

Fusion are going cashless from March 23, 2020

The leisure centres operated by Fusion Lifestyle across Charnwood were moving to a cashless operation as from March 30, 2020. This has now been moved forward to March 23, 2020. 

This is to ensure the safety of our customers and staff to remove an unnecessary risk of spreading the virus through money transactions.

The original reasons for Fusion going cashless was to ensure a safer payment system for both adults and children who use our centre. Visitors will also benefit from a faster entry process with less queuing time. There’ll be a reduction in cash management and handling costs as this system moves us into line with the way modern society is moving. We will be investing the savings in improving customer service.

Anyone who does not have access to bank cards or has children coming into the centre will be able to load prepaid sessions/cash onto one of Fusion’s Rewards cards to use as and when required. Rewards cards are free of charge available on request from any leisure centre. Credit can be uploaded onto the Rewards card either in our centres, over the phone, or online via our website and mobile application (app).

A number of our other sites have already gone cashless and feedback from parents is that they prefer the security of their children not carrying cash and they also know their money is being spent as intended.

Cashless Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I'm not a member and don't have a Rewards card?
    • Pay at site with credit or debit card or by pre-paid MasterCard (available at Post Offices)
  • What if I want my children to attend without me and they don't have their own payment card?
    • They can either have their own Rewards card that you can top up, or they can use your Rewards card.
  • What if I'm booked in and a friend wants to join me?
    • Your friend can make their own cashless payment or you can put additional sessions on your Rewards card.
  • What if I want change for lockers/car park?
    • There will be no cash available at reception so we will remind visitors to bring £1 for a locker and enough change for the car park.

If you have any further queries, please contact Matthew Smith, Fusion-Lifestyle, Charnwood Contract Manager, at or Kevin Stanley, Leisure Contract and Business Manager at Charnwood Borough Council, at

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