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Assets of community value - online nomination

Before submitting your application, please ensure that you have read the information on our web page Community Right to Bid for Assets of Community Value as well as the Regulations and Explanatory Note published by the Government.

Please fill in this application as fully as possible. You can upload a number of supporting files using this form, however, should you wish to submit additional files please email them as attachments to ensuring you have named them clearly so we can match them with your online submission.

Main contact's details

Please enter the details of the person we can contact about this application

Who you are

Please provide the following details about your organisation

Please tell us the position in the organisation that you, the person filling in this form, hold.

Please select from the dropdown list below. Details of the types of organisations which are eligible to apply are outlined below for your reference.

Parish Councils: this may be for an asset in its own area, or in the neighbouring parish council.

Neighbouring Parish Councils: if the parish council borders a un-parished area, then they may nominate an asset within the neighbouring district council or unitary council.

Unincorporated Groups: nominations can be accepted from any unincorporated group with membership of at least 21 local people who appear on the electoral role within the local authority, or a neighbouring local authority. This will for instance enable nomination by a local group formed to try and save an asset, but which has not yet reached the stage of acquiring a formal charitable or corporate structure.

Neighbourhood Forums: there can only be one neighbourhood forum for an area and the way they are set up is clearly defined by the Council as a planning authority. The procedure for forming a neighbourhood forum is set out in Section 61F of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Community Interest Groups with a local connection: these must have one or more of the following structures:

  1. A charity
  2. A community interest company
  3. A company limited by guarantee that it is non-profit distributing
  4. An industrial and provident society that is non-profit distributing (these groups will be renamed as community benefit societies by the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies and Credit Unions Act 2010) e.g. co-operative societies.

To assist with the initial processing of this application within Charnwood Borough Council please attach proof to this application of the legal status of your organisation and that there has been formal agreement to make this application. Formal proof may be copies of minutes of meetings where the matter was discussed.

Please describe how your organisation has a local connection to the site in question, for example, do you live in the area or are you a user of the property already? The Council may seek evidence to support your statement.

Details of your organisation's governance structure

Please note that these details may be shared with other parts of the Council, third sector organisations and other community partners for the purposes of the processing of your application.

Neighbourhood Forum Registration

Where is the land or building that you wish to see listed as an asset of community benefit?

This is to assist in the initial processing of your enquiry. Please upload a plan or map to this application showing the boundary of the asset to be listed indicating where possible if it has more than one owner. This is to assist with identifying the asset to be considered for listing and the freehold or leasehold ownership(s) for each part of it.

Who owns the asset in question?

This may be confirmed by contacting Charnwood Borough Council's Property Records.

Owner 1
Owner 2

If there are more than two leasehold or freehold owners please give their details here.

Please supply proof in the form of a copy of the Title documents and plan. This information is required if the asset is it listed. It would be helpful if these details could be supplied to assist the Council in contacting the owners in respect to the nomination for listing. Information may be obtained online at or: HM Land Registry, Leigh Court, Torrington Avenue, Coventry, CV4 9XZ. Tel: 0844 892 1111.

Occupier 1
Occupier 2

If there are more than two occupiers, please give their details here.

Reason for nomination

This is to assist the Council in deciding whether or not the asset meets the criteria for listing.


By submitting this application you are declaring that the appropriate authorised person approves of this and is happy that the information is correct and complete.

Please give the details of the appropriate authorised officer in your organisation. By submitting this application you confirm you have their authority to do so.

The Council would like to receive as much information as possible. Please confirm that:

  • The information contained within this application is correct and complete
  • You have included the required supporting documents referred to in this application:
    • Site plan
    • Proofs of ownership and occupation
    • Proof as to the legal status of your organisation
    • Proof that it has been formally agreed to make the application

N.B. A copy of this submission will be sent to the Main Contact's email address you have given above. Please retain this for your records. Should you need to change any information on this application, please email .

This information will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Information contained herein may be shared with officers and elected members from Charnwood Borough Council and retained for 5 years.