Welcome to our online Book of Memories.

The past year has been tough for everyone. Sadly, many people have died in Charnwood after contracting Covid-19 and thousands more have been ill, some very seriously.

There is no doubt the pandemic has affected the whole world and as we approach the anniversary of the first national lockdown in the UK on March 23, we wanted to create a space where local people could share their memories, thoughts and feelings about the last year.

It is a place you may want to remember a loved one, say thanks to a person or organisation who has helped you or simply reflect on the past year.

We will publish your contributions below. You can include words and pictures.

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Liz Blackshaw   

I'd like to give thanks to all the people who have participated in Mountsorrel Good Neighbours, whether they were co-ordinators, volunteers running errands and getting shopping, moderators on the Facebook group or members of the group and many WhatsApp teams. The way everyone pulled together was amazing.

Chris Rennocks

Last year was particularly bad for me and my wife but luckily we have a good friend Rose who came to our house every day early morning to look after my wife. While I was in the hospital for over a week & when I came out of the hospital, without her and our two sons I don't know how we would have managed. Rose is a real angel and the pandemic didn't help with having to isolate with having no visitors so THANKS Rosie we can't thank you enough.

Jenny Allan

Saddened to lose four members of my wider family due to Covid. Also a brother who died of cancer. Not being able to comfort my sister in law was the saddest time of all. I’ve missed my 9 grandchildren including the birth of a granddaughter, which brought  joy. However, staying away was hard. Normally I’m a hands-on nan so I’ve missed so much of Nellie’s early months, not to mention the help I couldn’t give to the parents. Having a motorhome sitting on the drive and not being allowed to get away was more annoying than sad but wouldn’t want life any different during a pandemic.

Jane Gurney

I felt very sad not to be able to cuddle and care for my grandchildren at the start, so by the end, I’m feeling utterly bereft, I want to hold them forever. Hadn’t been out of the house for 9 months except to walk dogs. Seemed very daring to go to a supermarket!

 I’ve done painting, sewing, spent hours, sometimes all day, on my iPad. It’s the entire world in your hands, there’s not enough time in our lives to consume everything behind the screen.

Feel desperately sorry for people grieving all the losses of loved ones, jobs, freedom.

We are lucky, we had retired so haven’t lost any income. They had it a lot harder during the years and years of 1st and 2nd World Wars. They lost more loved ones, more jobs, more freedoms, food supplies, but survived. So we can. We are all their descendants! Our stoicism is awesome! I am very content. Every day I’m glad to be alive. Being alive is a gift I open every morning.

Harold Bowyer

A Good Year

In reality 2020’s a gift most have missed
The things we’ve seen we have been remiss
Without prolonged periods of thoughtfulness
Attributing to our greater mindfulness

We’ve thanked the NHS for all their intent
And the emergency services who did not relent
And in that short lived weekly activity
We engaged with neighbours we now never see

There are some who have taken the time
To learn and apply the new things arrived
The worry is for those who abound
That moan and groan the change that’s around

We spare a thought for those who’ve lost
Friends and family all loved ones most
And those who face deeper restrictions
On freedom and company simple considerations

This year has then been a mix of outcome
Some sad some hurtful some joyful some great
So take care not to try to find blame
It was a year that was not all to hate

2021 and this century comes of age
2020 closes and it would be sage
For us to discard the negative state
Embrace the New Year with intent it’ll be great

Alison Etty

Lockdown brought our family closer together by spending so much time together; playing games, watching movies, camping in the lounge, walking, sewing headbands for the nurses, baking together and learning new skills like Zoom! Home schooling was tough with three children to timetable and share computers etc. One daughter whom is keen on dancing continued her lessons on Zoom and we are grateful to the teachers for this. Clapping every Thursday became a weekly routine. The NHS have been amazing and now the vaccine program is keeping so many alive! Be positive! 

Two photos of the Etty family - one clapping for the NHS and the other making pizzas

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