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Council performance

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Performance management is about:

  • Achieving the goals of the organisation and the community
  • Prioritising what gets done and making sure there are enough resources to do it
  • Ensuring local authorities provide value for money
  • Motivating and managing staff
  • Providing satisfaction for users and communities

Effective performance management underpins the delivery of excellent local services and so objectives and targets are monitored quarterly or more frequently if required. This monitoring comprises the following two elements:

Performance monitoring

Performance is monitored against targets for performance indicators that either support the Corporate Plan or which have been identified in the business plan as being significant measures of delivering corporate performance. 

Monitoring the Corporate Plan objectives and Business Plan initiatives

The tasks and projects that various services are delivering as set out in the annual business plan, contribute to the fulfilment of the objectives within each of the three aims outlined in the current Corporate Plan. 

These are assessed on a quarterly basis, providing overall progress for the actions to be delivered by each service, identifying aspects that are working well and those that could be improved.

Further details and Quarterly Performance Reports can be found on our performance management page.

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