Information on the Council's Corporate Performance and Risk Management can be found below.

Corporate Performance

We work hard to provide the best services to the people living or working and those visiting Charnwood.

For Charnwood meaningful and effective performance management is about.   

  • Achieving the goals of the organisation and the community
  • Prioritising what gets done and ensuring capacity is provided to complete tasks
  • Ensuring local authorities provide value for money
  • Motivating and managing staff
  • Providing satisfaction for users and communities

The tasks and projects that various services are delivering, contribute to the objectives within each of our four themes outlined in the current Corporate Strategy. We also utilise a large set of corporate performance indicators to monitor key figures and data.

Progress is collected on a quarterly basis providing explanations and commentary in respect of performing or non-performing actions from across services, these also identify areas that could be improved. These reports are presented to our Finance and Performance Scrutiny Committee on a quarterly basis

We publish our Corporate Strategy and associated reports every year. These can be found below:

Annual performance reports

Quarterly Performance Reports 2023-24

View past Quarterly Performance Reports

View all Archived Reports

Risk Management

Our risk management strategy sets out our approach to identifying and managing risk. We separate our risks into strategic and operational. These are defined as:

Strategic Risk

An occurrence that would cause us to be unable to operate or provide key services leading to a significant adverse effect on public wellbeing.

Operational Risk

An occurrence arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events, leading to an adverse impact on service provision.

How we monitor risk

Strategic risks are monitored quarterly to ensure that the mitigating controls and actions remain appropriate, and to determine whether the likelihood of the risks occurring has changed.

Quarterly risk monitoring reports are considered by our Risk Management Group which comprises our senior managers and are monitored at elected Member level by the audit committee.

Operational risks are managed at service level by the Heads of Service and Team Managers.

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