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Risk management

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We ensure that we use our resources efficiently in providing services for the people of Charnwood and therefore concentrate our efforts on issues which present the greatest risk to the achievement of our long-term plans for the borough.

Our risk management strategy

We have a risk management strategy which sets out our approach to identifying and managing risk. We separate our risks into strategic, corporate and operational. These are defined as:

  • Strategic Risk: An occurrence that would cause us to be unable to operate or provide key services leading to a significant adverse effect on public wellbeing.
  • Corporate Risk: An occurrence that would lead to a significant adverse effect on our ability to provide important public services.
  • Operational Risk: An occurrence arising from inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems, or from external events, leading to an adverse impact on service provision.

Monitoring the risks

All risks are ‘scored’ for likelihood and impact, mitigating actions and controls are identified, and risk owners are clearly identified for each.

Strategic risks are monitored quarterly to ensure that the mitigating controls and actions remain appropriate, and to determine whether the likelihood of the risks occurring has changed. Quarterly risk monitoring reports are considered by our senior management team, and are monitored at elected Member level by the audit committee.

Corporate risks are monitored on a quarterly basis through our Risk Management Group which is comprised of the Senior and Corporate Management Teams.

Operational risks are managed at service level by the Heads of Service and Team Managers.

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