Any new development involving a road, cycleway, footpath, or the erection of a new building that requires a postal address will need to go through the naming and numbering process.

This helps to provide an identity and co-ordination between the many such routes and places that are being created in Charnwood. For more information please contact our Building Control team on the information provided, or take a look at our street naming policy.

National land and property gazetteer

Application forms

If you would like to apply for the allocation of a new postal addressing (new developments) or rename/renumber an existing property, you will need to fill out one of the following application forms:

Naming of buildings and postcodes

Owners are generally free to assign whatever names they wish, but the property number must be retained. If the owner wishes for the official address record to be changed to show the addition of a property name then an application is required. 

We are not responsible for assigning postcodes to addresses. Postcodes are issued by Royal Mail and all enquiries should be directed there. You can find the relevant contact information on the Royal Mail website.

Renumbering existing properties

We are able to renumber properties where the owner agrees. In most cases, such renumberings are carried out actually at the request of the owner, who may be dissatisfied with the present number. We will do this as long as it is in agreement to the particular renumbering.

Street naming policy information

In addition to providing names for new roads, we also provide a naming service for cycleways, footpaths and parks. When deciding new names, we act under the provisions of Section 18 of the Public Health Act 1925.

Before making any changes we must write to those who may wish to offer any particular suggestions. Once a decision has been made we advertise the proposed name so people have a chance to appeal.

Take a look at the outline attached below for more information on our street naming policy:

If you need to contact the council regarding street naming and numbering then please contact:

Telephone: 01509 634754 or 01509 634757


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