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We are committed to supporting the armed forces personnel and veterans as part of the Armed Forces Covenant, a scheme which encourages understanding and awareness of the issues affecting veterans and their families within the local community, and promotes better help and support for existing and ex-Armed Forces personnel and their families.

More information about the covenant can be found on the Armed Forces Covenant website.

Help for Armed Forces personnel

The Armed Forces Covenant website has a range of information for regulars, reservists, veterans and their families on how the covenant can support you as well as links to useful websites and national services available.

Read this article on the Covenant partnership across Charnwood, Melton and Rushcliffe borough councils for a wider view of how the covenant does and who it helps.

Local services in Charnwood

Charnwood Veterans Breakfast Club

Charnwood Veterans Breakfast Club is back and welcoming members, new and old, to meet up for breakfast.

Members meet at the Toby Carvery on Forest Road, Loughborough on the second Saturday of every month, 9.30am until 11.30am. The next meeting takes place on Saturday November 13, 2021.

Family members and carers are also welcome to come along. The group is friendly and are always looking to welcome new members. Breakfast costs £5 with unlimited tea and coffee.

More information is available on the Charnwood Veterans Breakfast Club Facebook group, or call Victoria Coomber on 07540454838.

Discount available at Leisure Centres across Charnwood

Veterans, Serving Personnel, Reservists and Adult Cadet Force Leaders

The three Leisure Centres across Charnwood run by Fusion offer discounts for members of the Armed Forces Community.

Staff at the Leisure Centres will require ID at reception to be able to apply the concession.

For Casual users a discount of 50% is applied.

This would mean they would pay a reduced rate from £3.90 to £1.95 for a swim & £6.80 to £3.40 for a gym session.

For concession membership a discount of 50% is applied.

Recommended for anyone using the Leisure Centres twice a week. Costs £23.60 a month this includes, gym, swim & classes across all three centres,

Access Monday-Fridays until 5:30pm and anytime at the weekends.

For Corporate membership a discount of 20% is applied.

Provides unlimited access to the pool, gym, and classes across all three centres at £34.30

For more details about our Leisure Centres:


Life after the Armed Forces

When you leave the Armed Forces there are some key areas to consider:

  • Employment and pension
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Health

The Armed Forces Covenant website provides information about support available to service leavers.

The Service Leaver’s Guide, provided by the MoD, offers detailed information and advice for service personnel who are planning to leave or have left regular service. 

Warwickshire County Council have a number of resources for service leavers and cover topics such as finding a home, education, money management and adjusting to life after the services.


The Council launched Charnwood Community Action, in partnership with John Storer Charnwood and other voluntary sector organisations in the borough in March 2020. The campaign helps support, advise, guide and co-ordinate groups and people who are volunteering to help others in the borough during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you are struggling for any reason during the coronavirus pandemic, Charnwood Community Action can help. Visit for further details. 

Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report 2020

The Armed Forces Covenant Annual Report for 2020 has been published and can be found on the website.

Who to contact

Victoria Coomber is the Armed Forces Community Covenant Development Officer for Charnwood, Melton and Rushcliffe Borough Councils.

For more information on what’s available to Armed Forces personnel within Charnwood, Melton and Rushcliffe you can contact her at

For more information on veterans and the armed forces

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