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Claiming benefits

Details of who can or cannot claim Housing Benefits or Local Council Tax Support are listed below. To work out whether you could qualify for help, use our online calculator.

There are certain exceptions to both of these lists; contact Benefit Claims if you would like to know more.

Unless you are living in supported accommodation, customers receiving Universal Credit will receive their housing costs as part of their Universal Credit payment.

Who can claim?

If you are on a low income and pay rent to:

  • The council
  • A Housing Association
  • A private landlord
  • Board and lodging

For Council Tax:

  • You are the person or one of the people liable to pay the council tax charge on the property you are living in.

Who can't claim?

  • People who have over £16,000 in savings, unless you are receiving Guaranteed Pension Credits (if you are a couple we will add your savings together)
  • People who are living with and renting from close relatives
  • People who are renting from a former partner or the parent of their dependant child/children
  • People who are renting from a company of which they are a director, employee or former employee or former partner of these people
  • People who were formerly a non-dependant in the same property or were previously the owner of the property
  • People, who we believe have created a rental agreement to take advantage of the benefits scheme
  • People whose rental agreement is not on a commercial basis
  • People who have come to live in this country but have no recourse to public funds
  • British Citizens returning to this country from living abroad in a non European Union country within the past two years (although benefit may be awarded after a certain period of time)
  • Certain students
  • There are special rules for people living in residential or nursing homes
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