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Right to Buy

What is the 'Right to Buy'? 

The 'Right to Buy' (RTB) scheme gives most secure council tenants (and some Housing Association tenants) the right to buy their home at a discount.  The longer you have been a council tenant, the larger the discount. 

Some secure tenants are not entitled to buy their homes, for example:

  • Tenants of fully sheltered housing schemes for the elderly with a resident warden or other housing suitable for the elderly or disabled people
  • Tenants of some properties that have been specially adapted for people with disabilities
  • In situations where a court makes a possession order that says you must leave your home
  • If you have been served a notice saying that the council intends to demolish your home

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What is the process to buy my council home? 

There are strict timescales for tenants who wish to buy their home, so if you do not respond within the timescales, you will need to re-apply.  More information is available by clicking the link below:


The price of your home will be based on the current market value less the discount which is based on how long you have been a council tenant.  In Charnwood, the maximum discount a tenant can receive is £77,000 whatever the valuation of the property. More information on discounts is provided by clicking on the link below:

How to apply

Complete the Right to Buy Application Form and return to:

Sheetal Shah
Property Services
Charnwood Borough Council
Southfield Road
Loughborough LE11 2TT

Or contact Sheetal Shah on 01509 634621 or at to request a copy of the form. 

Additional costs of home ownership

If you buy your home, it is important to remember that there will be a number of expenses to consider as part of the house-buying process.  There will also be ongoing costs of owning a home.

Costs of buying a house

  • Legal fees
  • Survey fee
  • Mortgage arrangement fee
  • Stamp duty - if your home is worth more than £125,000 

Ongoing costs of owning your own home

  • Your mortgage - this will probably be more than your current rent if you are borrowing most of the money to buy your house.  Mortgage payments can increase if interest rates rise (and decrease if interest rates fall)
  • Buildings and contents insurance
  • Life assurance
  • Mortgage payment protection insurance
  • Council Tax
  • Utilities, for example, water rates, gas and electricity 
  • Responsibilities include the ongoing maintenance of the property and this may result in significant expenditure

Ongoing costs for owning your own flat

In addition to the ongoing costs of owning your own home listed above, owners of flats will also need to pay:

  • Ground rent
  • Service charge - this may include payments for major works to the whole block of flats

Risks of buying your home

Home ownership is not for everyone.  The cost of mortgage repayments can go up if interest rates rise (and they can drop if interest rates fall). 

You should think about how you would make payments if you (or anyone you are buying with) lost some, or all, of their income.  If you fail to keep up your mortgage payments, you may lose your home.  

Where to find out more

More information is available at

Free advice

We recommend you get independent, professional advice when thinking about buying your home.  The Money Advice Service has been set up by Government to give free impartial advice about money.  Contact them on 0300 500 5000 or

The Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE) 

Another body set up by government that provides free advice on buying a flat and on service charges.  Contact them on 0207 383 9800 or go to


There is a government Facebook page at where you can find out what other tenants are saying and share information on any Right to Buy issues. 


The consumer group Which? has produced a useful, interactive First Time Buyer's Guide.  The guide covers everything you need to know about buying your first home, from deposits and different types of mortgages to making an offer and the legal steps that are involved. 


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