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Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2014

Charnwood Borough Council commissioned JBA Consulting to undertake a review and update of the 2008 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment.  The 2014 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) uses the most up-to-date information available and has been prepared to update the work included in the previous SFRA and provide appropriate supporting evidence for the Charnwood Borough Local Plan.  The 2014 SFRA will also be used to inform Development Management decisions.

The 2014 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment can be viewed using the links below.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2014 (PDF Document, 11.76 Mb)

The main document is supported by a number of maps which can also be viewed in the Appendices below.

Appendix a - Flood Zone Mapping (PDF Document, 46.02 Mb)

Appendix B - Climate Change Mapping (PDF Document, 49.53 Mb)

Appendix C - Depth Mapping (PDF Document, 47.44 Mb)

Appendix D - Velocity Mapping (PDF Document, 46.57 Mb)

Appendix E - Hazard Mapping (PDF Document, 46.22 Mb)

Appendix F - Surface Water Mapping (PDF Document, 60.44 Mb)

Appendix G - Groundwater Mapping (PDF Document, 53.15 Mb)

Appendix H - Flood Warning Coverage (PDF Document, 46.88 Mb)

Appendix I - Flood Defences in Charnwood Borough (PDF Document, 0.13 Mb)

Appendix J - River Network (PDF Document, 1.68 Mb)

Appendix K - Note on Sources of Flood Risk Information (PDF Document, 0.22 Mb)

Mapping Index (PDF Document, 1.48 Mb)

Figure 6.4 Charnwood Waste and Minerals Sites Loughborough Civic Amenity (PDF Document, 0.34 Mb)

Flood Risk - Sequential Test

Charnwood Borough Council has used information from its 2014 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment to carry out a flood risk sequential test.  The purpose of such testing is to steer development to areas with the lowest proability of flooding to esnure that potential flood risk to people and property is avoided where possible.  The sequential test document is available below:

Charnwood Core Strategy Flood Risk Sequential Assessment (PDF Document, 0.84 Mb)

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2008 - please note that the 2008 SFRA has now been superseded by the Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2014.  To view the 2008 SFRA please click here.

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