Charnwood based Community Profiles have been developed by a a group of agencies, including us, Police, Leicestershire County Council, NHS and local voluntary and community organisations.

They are intended as a resource that pulls together lots of different information relating to Charnwood. Community Profiles have been created for areas that are large enough that separate data sets are available.

A Charnwood wide profile has also been compiled. Organisations may use this information as a planning and evidence resource, if they wish. 

What should I know?

The Community Profiles could be useful for a number of different reasons:

  • To increase your knowledge about your local community
  • To learn about what is available in your area
  • To help organisations recognise issues that might exist in their area
  • To help services identify what support might be most useful to a specific area
  • To provide data and evidence for anyone applying for funding for a community or voluntary organisation

The Charnwood Profiles have been created for our community to use in ways which they see as beneficial for them and the area in which they live.

Where does the information come from?

Information provided in the Community Profiles is a mix of verified data (sources provided in the Appendix document) and information/commentary provided by local people and professionals.

As such, some of the information in the Community Profiles is opinion based on individuals’ local knowledge and not necessarily factual.

The nature of such a resource is that it can only ever provide a snapshot in time; as our community changes and grows, they are always a case of being a work in progress.

Additional information and sources of relevant data are always welcomed please contact Sarah Coupe on:


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