The Dog Warden will collect and kennel any stray dog they find in a public place in response to a report within two hours after the report has been viewed during operating hours which are Monday to Sunday 9am until 10pm.

Please note: During times of high demand all attempts will be made to achieve the two-hour window but this may vary slightly.

If you have found a dog outside of the operating hours and feel that you cannot accommodate the dog until the kennels open, or if the dog is injured then it is suggested you contact your nearest 24 hour vets:

  • Medivets Birstall, 0116 267 3518

Strays on private land can also be captured, with the landowners consent.

Reporting a stray, missing or found dog

Please complete the form below, and if your dog is found as a stray the kennels will get in touch with you.

Report a - stray, missing/lost, found or roaming dog

If your dog is found as a stray, the kennels will contact the owner using the information on the form/microchip.

You can also report via telephone on 01509 634564 (Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm).

Legal requirements

All dogs in a public place are legally required to wear a collar and tag giving the name and address or contact telephone number of the owner. It is an offence for your dog to be without this identification. Dogs with suitable identification on the tag will be returned to their address where possible.

From April 2016, new regulations will also require every dog owner to have their dog microchipped and the microchip details to be up to date.

Reclaiming your dog

Dogs found without adequate identification, or which have strayed before, will be taken to our contracted kennels and kept there for seven days. If unclaimed they will be made available for rehoming.

The kennel will contact the details on the microchip to re-unite the dog with the owner. To help with this process you should ensure all microchip information is up to date.

Before the dog can be reclaimed, the owner must pay:

  • A fine and administrative fee: £60.28
  • Daily kenneling fee (currently £14.40 including VAT)
  • Any veterinary fees incurred

Once the fee has been paid the kennel will arrange delivery of the dog back to the owner.

Last updated: Wed 3rd April, 2024 @ 13:40