Our dog control service offers assistance with lost or stray dogs and promotion of responsible dog ownership.

You can help to make Charnwood a better place to live by making sure your dogs do not foul in public places and if they do, please clean up after them. Keep your dog under control at all times (whether on or off the lead) and make sure your pet never strays. Be mindful of other wildlife including animals and birds and respect their space.

Of course, pets can escape, but you need to be aware your dog is at risk if left to roam and could easily be injured or cause an accident. In the countryside, a farmer is entitled to shoot a loose dog if he fears it may attack livestock.

More information on noisy dogs

Advice for dog owners - Dogs Trust

How the Council deals with dogs

You can report dog fouling or a control issue online through our online reporting forms.

Report a dog problem 

Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

The Public Spaces Protection Order – Charnwood Borough Council Dog Control 2023-26 was resolved at Cabinet on October 12, 2022 and came into operation on January 6, 2023.

The full order can be seen below:

Charnwood Borough Council also works with the Bradgate Park Trust to make a Public Spaces Protection Order on their behalf as the Borough Council which covers their geographical area. 

A Public Spaces Protection Order has been in place since 2017 and has recently been extended and made to cover the period of 2023 -26. For full details see link below:

Dog control issues in your community

Dog control issues can often be dealt with using the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 with a Community Protection Warning and a Notice if the behaviour is on-going and/or persistent. The law states that we should contact the owner of the dog with information on how to ensure their dog is in their control whilst in the community.

A Community Protection Notice can be issued by the Police, council officers and/or Social Landlords to stop persistent, unreasonable behaviour which is having a negative impact on the community's quality of life. It can be served on individuals aged 16 and over or on an organisation/business.                         

Once an issue has been identified, a written warning will be given to the alleged perpetrator of the problem behaviour requesting that they meet the conditions outlined in the warning and also highlighting the consequences if they continue.

A Community Protection Notice can include a requirement to stop doing something, to start doing something, or to take reasonable steps to avoid further anti-social behaviour. Breaching a Community Protection Notice is a criminal offence and you may be fined up to £20,000.

You can report dog fouling or a control issue online through our online reporting forms.

Report a dog problem 


From Wednesday, April 6 2016 it is compulsory for all dogs over the age of eight weeks in England to be fitted with a microchip, or owners could face prosecution and a fine of up to £500.

You can get a microchip at a vets for a small fee, this is a quick and inexpensive process which involves implanting a tiny chip below the skin in the scruff of the dogs neck. The microchip contains a unique bar code which can be read by scanners used by Dog Wardens and other dog related professionals and provides contact details of the dog’s owner.

The Dogs Trust also microchips pets. A local centre is based in Wymeswold, Leicestershire.

For more information about the changes visit www.gov.uk/get-your-dog-microchipped.

Last updated: Thu 16th November, 2023 @ 09:30